Battery Kinzie
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

Battery Kinzie is perhaps the most impressive battery at Fort Worden. Over 300 feet long and three stories tall, it contains 19 rooms and several winding passages. Completed in 1910 it was the last of the major batteries to be built at the fort, and included many technological improvements that had been made over the last ten years.

The battery structure contained most of the facilities that were needed to operate its two 12-inch disappearing guns, including a power plant, a plotting room, a battery command station and extensive ammunition handling and storage facilities.

One of the features that differentiates Battery Kinzie from most other batteries in Puget Sound are its numerous 'air spaces'. These passages allowed air to flow around the outside of the magazines and other rooms, helping to keep them dry. Also, the magazines were actually separate buildings with there own walls and roofs independent from the larger rooms that housed them. This allowed air to pass on all sides of the magazine and prevented water from seeping in through the concrete.
Battery Benson also used a similar system of air spaces.

The battery's armament and much of its other equipment was removed in 1944.

#1 magazines and gun emplacement
Other #1 side rooms
#2 magazines and gun emplacement
Other #2 side rooms and power plant
Plotting room and BC station

Looking northeast at the battery.
March 2002
Looking north at the battery.
Looking northwest at the #2 emplacement.
The rear of the battery, BC on top, then the plotting room and then the hoist rooms on the bottom.
Looking east along the rear of the battery.
March 2002
Looking west.
March 2002
The #1 emplacement.
Looking across the #2 emplacement at the BC station.
March 2002
Looking west along the rear of the battery.

Form 7August, 1921
Form 1March, 1923
Form 1September, 1927
Form 7April, 1932
Form 5, page 1December, 1932
Form 5, page 2December, 1932
Plan of power plantDecember, 1932
Form 1, page 1March, 1938
Form 1, page 2March, 1938
Form 7, Kinzie revetmentMarch, 1938

Access info:
Battery Kinzie is part of Fort Worden State Park and is open to the public.

The battery is located down on the point, near the campground. There are a number of parking lots in the area. There's a trail from the north most of the large parking lots that leads right to the battery.

All photos from Sep 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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