Gun #1 and the #1 Magazines,
Battery Kinzie

Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

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Emplacement #1, looking southeast.
Looking east at the #1 observation station.
The #1 hoists, Shells to the left and powder to the right.
The #1 powder hoist.
March 2002
The #1 emplacement.
The #1 observation station.
The #1 shell table.
March 2002
The #1 shell hoist.
March 2002
Detail of the counterweight pulley for the powder hoist door.
A cable would have been attached to the door, run up to the pulley that's set into the ceiling, and then through the conduit to the hoist shaft where it was connected to a counterweight.
This would make the doors much easier to open. All the hoist doors at Battery Kinzie used this system.

#1 Hoist room

Looking east in the hoist room.
Looking up the powder hoist shaft.
Detail of monorail track.
Looking west in the hoist room.
Looking up the shell hoist.
Note the counterweight recess in the lower part of the photo.

#1 Auxiliary shot and store room

Looking northeast.
Looking southwest.
Looking northwest.
Looking southeast.

#1 powder room

The north end of the powder room.
Looking southwest.
The back of the powder room, looking east.
Looking southeast.
The air space between the powder room (right) and the hoist room (left).
The back of the powder room, looking west.

#1 shell room

Looking north in the shell room.
March 2002
The air space between the shell room (right) and the hoist room (left).
Note the concrete 'bridge' to support the monorail.
The back of the shell rooms, looking west.
The south end of the shell room.
Detail of the monorail bridge.
The back of the shell rooms, looking east.

#1 powder passage stairs

The #1 entrance to the powder passage.
Looking up the #1 powder passage stairs.
Looking down the #1 powder passage stairs.

All photos from Sep 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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