Fort Worden Information
3" gun Ft. Flagler.

Located on the point north of Port Townsend, Fort Worden was armed with numerous gun batteries, ranging in caliber from 3-inch rapid fire guns to the 12-inch mortars of Battery Brannan and Battery Powell. The army started major construction at the fort in the mid 1890s and continued until the completion of Battery Kinzie in 1908. World War II brought another surge in construction, this time mostly of command structures rather than gun emplacements.

Fort Worden was sold to the state of Washington in the 1950s and is now operated as a state park. Almost all of the batteries and fire control stations are open to the public, with the exceptions of the magazines and store rooms of batteries Stoddard and Putnam and some of the rooms in the main gun line's plotting/storage buildings.


General mapMay 7, 1921
Detail map of northern halfMay 7, 1921
Detail map of southern halfMay 7, 1921
Fire control mapAugust 1, 1944

List of Fort Worden installations that are represented on this site:

Gun Batteries
pit B, Battery Brannan, Fort WordenBattery Brannan12-inch Mortar
pit B, Battery Powell, Fort WordenBattery Powell12-inch Mortar
#2 Battery Kinzie, Fort WordenBattery Kinzie12-inch Disappearing
#2 Battery Benson, Fort WordenBattery Benson10-inch Disappearing
Battery Stoddard, Fort WordenBattery Stoddard6-inch Disappearing
#2 Battery Tolles-B, Fort WordenBattery Tolles6-inch Disappearing
#1 Battery Vicars, Fort WordenBattery Vicars5-inch Balanced pillar
#2 Wilson Point AMTB battery, Fort WordenA.M.T.B. Battery90 mm AMTB
#2 Battery Putnam, Fort WordenBattery Putnam3-inch Pedestal
#2 Battery Walker, Fort WordenBattery Walker3-inch Pedestal
Height finder, AA Battery #3, Fort WordenAntiaircraft battery No. 33-inch Antiaircraft

Fire Control
BC btry TollesBC Battery Tolles and B1/6 S1/6

Radar Sites
SCR-296, Fort WordenSCR-296 for Battery Tolles-B

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