Battery #131 Gun #1
Camp Hayden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler

The rooms on the east side of battery #131 include an air compressor room, two latrines, an airlock, a shell room and a powder room.

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Floor plan of battery #131.

Looking out of the front corridor into the gun #1 corridor.
Looking west down the front corridor from near the east door.

Air compressor room

The east air compressor room is one of the two rooms that are open to the public.

Looking southeast.
The northwest corner.
Looking southwest.
The northeast corner.


Battery #131 had three latrines, two off the front corridor and one in the power room. The two off the corridor included a smaller officers latrine and a large one for the enlisted men. Both were gasproofed and an airlock was built between them.

The airlock door and windows into the latrines.
The officers latrine, looking east.
Looking southwest at the door out of the officers latrine.
Detail of the gasproof vent cover in the officers latrine.
Looking west in the enlisted latrine, only a few of the toilets and sinks are original.
The north wall of the enlisted latrine.
Detail of a urinal on the south wall of the enlisted latrine.
Looking east out of the enlisted latrine.
Looking northeast in to the officers latrine and the airlock.
Looking back into the airlock from outside.
Looking the other way at the front of the latrines.
Looking northwest in the officers latrine.
Closer look at the officers sink.
Looking east in the enlisted latrine.
Looking along the south wall of the enlisted latrine.
Looking west out of the officer's latrine.
The airlock from the inside.
Looking east along the front corridor from in front of the latrines.

Shell room

The gun #1 shell room is now used by the county park for storage.

The outside of the east door.
The outside of the west door.
Looking southwest in the shell room.
Looking east.
A box of old light fixtures.
Looking east past the shell room.
The inside of the east door.
The inside of the west door.
Looking northwest in the shell room.
Monorail track mounts on the ceiling.
Vents from the powder room.

Powder room

The gun #1 powder room had a set of vents to the dehumidification room, just off the power room , which helped keep the powder and shells dry. The powder room was later used to store county records, but the humidity has gotten to most of them.

Looking west at the three doors to the powder room.
The outside of the west door.
Outside of the center door.
Outside of the east door.
Looking southeast in the powder room.
Looking southwest.
Detail of door bolts.
The inside of the west door.
Inside the center door.
Inside the east door.
Looking northeast.
Looking northwest.
Old light fixture in the powder room.

All photos from Oct 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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