Camp Hayden Information
3" gun Ft. Flagler.

Camp Hayden was constructed to the west of Port Angeles in the 1940s to provide an outer line of defense to the Strait of Juan De Fuca. It housed two gun batteries, a 16-inch casemented battery and a 6-inch battery. Also located at the camp were four fire control stations, two radar sites, and a large command post.

Ownership of Camp Hayden is now split between the Salt Creek Recreation Area and the state of Washington. The 16-inch battery is mostly closed and the 6-inch battery's magazine and plotting complex is entirely closed, the rest of the installations are open however.


Fire control mapAugust 1, 1944

List of Camp Hayden installations that are represented on this site:

Battery #131, Camp HaydenBattery #13116-inch Barbette

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