B 3/2 S 3/2 and searchlight #5
Fort Ebey, HD Puget Sound
BC btry Tolles, Ft. Worden.

The base end station B 3/2 S 3/2 (later renumbered B 3/1 S 3/1) was built in 1943 and served battery #248. The southern observation room was used as a control booth for searchlight #5. The searchlight shelter was approx. 175 feet north of the base end and was a permanent shelter used for a portable searchlight. It consisted of a concrete floor and short concrete walls on top of which a wood frame building was built.

At some point, both the searchlight and the base end have fallen to the beach below. Not much is left of either of them now.

B 3/2 S 3/2

Part of the roof (foreground) and other bits.
The instrument pedestal looking north. Also, part of the chimney.
The front of the roof.
The instrument pedestal looking south.

Searchlight #5

All that's left of the shelter.
Looking south past searchlight #5 you can see the base end ruins in the background.
Searchlight #5.

Form 2 page 1, B 3/2 S 3/2July 1, 1944
Form 2 page 2, B 3/2 S 3/2July 1, 1944
Form 4, Searchlight #5November 27, 1944
Searchlight fields of illuminationAugust 1, 1944

Access info:
The remains of B 3/2 S3/2 and searchlight #5 are on the beach to the north of the beach access parking lot. Just get on the beach and walk north. I believe that a parking fee might be required.

All photos from Sep 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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