Puget Sound Annexes, 1944
Coast Artillery documents
FC station plan.

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This set of documents were copied from the CDSG Press reference CD #6.

If you'er not familiar with Harbor Annexes, I'll list some of the more interesting features:

Exhibit 1 - A in the Armament annex is a general map of the whole defense project.
Exhibit 3 - A in the Armament annex shows the maximum range for most of the gun batteries.
Exhibit 14 - A in the Armament annex shows the joint US and Canadian defenses.

All of the exhibits in annex B are very interesting, including Fire Control Location maps that show topography for many CA sites and the Field of Fire maps, which show maximum range for gun batteries and the field of view for its observation stations.

1944 Harbor Defense Annexes for Puget Sound

Opening pages & table of contents
Annex A - Armament
Annex B - Fire Control
Annex C - Seacoast Searchlights
Annex D - Underwater Defense
Annex E - Antiaircraft Artillery
Annex F - Gas Defense
Annex G - Equipment
Annex H - Real Estate Requirements

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